Time alone gives Marie love.

Holding Marie’s hand, Melanie reached out to her sister.

“Avez-vous déjà eu le sentiment de pouvoir briser les liens de l'esclavage dans lesquels vous aviez été vendu?”

{“Did you ever feel you could break the bonds of slavery you had been sold into?”}


“Ma vie a été sans amour pendant 7 ans. Je n'étais qu'une fille de 14 ans lorsque mes parents m'ont confié à Louis sur cette île du Rhin.

Après la guerre de 7 ans, l’alliance entre l’Autriche et la France a nécessité que notre mariage soit un lien entre nos pays.

Mais Louis et moi aimerions enfin. Marie-Thérèse que vous connaissez et aimez Mélanie était une enfant née du véritable amour.”

{“My life was loveless for 7 years. I was only a girl of 14 when I was given to Louis by my parents on that island in the Rhine River.

After the 7 years’ war it was necessary for the alliance between Austria and France that our marriage be a bond between our countries.

But Louis and I would finally love. Marie-Thérèse who you know and love Melanie was a child born in true love.”}

Marie with tears streaming down her cheeks held her sister.

“Je me souviens encore du jour de votre mariage avec James et de la joie avec laquelle Marie-Thérèse vous accompagnait à l'autel de ma sœur Il vit dans mon cœur même maintenant. " smiled Marie

{“I still remember the day of your wedding to James and how happy Marie-Thérèse was walking behind you to the alter my sister. It lives in my heart even now.”} smiled Marie.

“Le temps m'a donné de l'amour. Le temps m'a aussi donné ma soeur.”

{“Time gave me love. Time also gave me you my sister.”}

To be continued in Melanie’s Biography with love for her sister by her side.

Transported into history

1 - It was a night to remember forever!

2 - Moving within elite circles.

3 - Melanie was transported to ‘Un jour à Versailles’

4 - James will never believe this!

5 - James called back, but Melanie was away in France!

6 - “Happy anniversary my love - See you tonight”

7 - They woke in each other’s arms

8 - “Would you marry me 230 years ago James?”

9 - The French Court setting designs.

10 - Immersed in history

11 - Planning a trip for one day in May

12 - Auction Day to come somewhere in time May 7th 1819

13 - A breakfast fit for a King

14 - Hello Lord Wemsys - May 7th 1819

15 - Now we can return to see Marie.

16 - James and Melanie will marry in Versailles tomorrow.

17 - The wedding June 7th 1789.

18 - The letter was stained by Melanie’s tears.

19 - To visit Versailles once more

20- The flight to Geneva with Merie by her side

21 - The saving of Marie’s Jewels

22 - I fear to be the Last Queen of France. Write our story!

23 - Holding you forever my sister. Time still exists!

24 - A lock of hair

25 - Slavery – the absence of Choice to Choose.

26 - James will you still love me in another 200 years?

27 - Our bond will never break, even in a thousand years.

28 - A hole in the heart of history. A story of slavery.

29 - Our love will go on wherever you are.

30 - ‘The Slavery of Marie Antoinette’

31 - Loveless for so long.

32 - The Power of the pendant. "Nous avons aimé dans le temps."

33 - “Viva La Vida Melanie.” {“Live life Melanie.”}

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