Now we can return to see Marie.

Finishing her shower after her morning run in Central Park, Melanie in her bath robe raced to answer the phone.

“Hi Mel” said James excitedly “I have the French Court piece back from the jewellers!”

“Awesome! What does it look like?” Melanie squealed.

“OMG it’s incredible, I can’t wait for you to see it! You’re never going to want to take it off! I’ll be home at about 6. I think we’ll be heading back to the Palace to see Marie tonight!!”


Time in 2019 went so slow. The day seemed endless. They both knew the night would seem like seconds as they again travelled to the Palace of Marie and Louis in Versailles to hear of their wedding plans for 1789.

“That’s glorious James, can you put it on for me? You’re right I won’t want to ever take it off!”

The diamonds set into the corners of the frame holding the delicate mother of pearl centerpiece and the 24-carat gold seemed to make the piece sing. Tonight she would wear it while they slept in each other arms.

“Mélanie et James mes amis”

{“Melanie and James my friends”} greeted them as they walked into the Hall of Mirrors


“C’est encore trop longtemps depuis votre dernière visite”

{“It’s has again been too long since your last visit”} grimaced Marie.

“Nous avons vos projets de robes de mariée prêts à votre choix. Marie-Thérèse est tellement excitée! Elle a déjà sa robe pour le mariage faite par les couturières. Je lui dirai que tu es arrivé.

“S'il te plaît, va chercher Marie-Thérèse”

{“We have your wedding dress designs ready for you to choose. Marie-Thérèse is so very excited! She has her dress for the wedding already made by the seamstresses. I will let her know you have arrived.

“Please fetch Marie-Thérèse”} Marie requested of her handmaiden

“Elle est avec ses amis dans la cour.

Assieds-toi avec moi Mélanie.”

{“She is with her friends in the courtyard.

Sit with me Melanie.”}

They looked at the exquisite designs. This will be a wedding like none in New York in 2019 thought Melanie.


“J'espère que vous aimerez un motif qui affiche votre beau cou et mon collier de perles que vous porterez Mélanie. C’est tellement important pour moi que tu le portes!”

{“I hope you will like a design that displays your beautiful neck and my pearl necklace that you will wear Melanie. It’s so important to me that you wear it!”}

“Je suis tellement excitée de le porter Marie! Vous n'avez aucune idée de ce que cela signifie pour moi! J'aimerais pouvoir vous dire ce que ça va me faire de me marier avec James et de le porter!”

{“I am so excited to wear it Marie! You have no idea what it means to me! I wish I could tell you how it will make me feel to be married to James, wearing it!”} said Melanie excitedly.

“James, tu dois chercher Louis, il a beaucoup de choses à te parler et tu ne dois pas voir les dessins de robe de mariée!"

{“James you must seek out Louis he has many things to talk to you about and you must not see the wedding dress designs!”} laughed Marie

“A plus tard mon amour."

{“See you later my love.”} grinned Melanie

“Prends tout le temps dont tu as besoin mon amour. Nous avons tout le temps dans le monde maintenant et pour toujours.”

{“Take all the time you need my love. We have all the time in the world now and forever.”} smiled James as he went to find Louis.

I’m getting used to speaking French thought James as he left them alone.

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