Auction Day to come somewhere in time May 7th 1819

“That was a pretty quick flight. Our travel agent couldn’t compete with that.” laughed James.

Taking his hand, they walked from the cold gas lite cobbled street into the opulent foyer of the Royal Hotel Pall Mall St James’s London.


“This is incredible James I hope we can afford it.”

“It’s 10 shillings a night Mel, I think we’ll be ok!!”

As was always the case on these trips to the past, they were both dressed in the style of the day and looked perfectly at home to any onlooker.

The hotel groom wearing white gloves a regal red uniform, gold sashes on the shoulders of his tunic greeted them and guided them to reception.


“We require one of your best guest suites overlooking Pall Mall thank you kind Sir” chirped James addressing the awaiting clerk.

“Certainly Sir, how long will you be our guests?”

“Only for two evenings” replied James. “We are attending the Auction at Christie’s Great Room on the morrow and will be departing the following morning.”

“Will you and your good lady take breakfast tomorrow Mr Osborne?”

“Yes, I believe so.” answered James politely.


“Allow me to introduce the honourable Mr R.H. Evans the proprietor of the Royal Hotel.”

They shook hands with the appropriate pleasantries.

“Should you and your good lady wish any attention during your visit with us, please have no hesitation but to request it.” offered the owner.

“I am most grateful; may we request a carriage to transport us to Mr Christie’s Great Room shortly after noon tomorrow Mr Evans” said James

“Consider it our pleasure. Enjoy your evening.”

With that Melanie and James were shown to their suite on the 4th floor.

“I could get used to this!” said Melanie when they were alone.

“Me too! The trip was awesomely quick and the accommodation is cheap. I think we could afford to buy the place and stay forever!” James replied laughing.

“Don’t get used to it James, we have a wedding planned for thirty years ago in Versailles. We can’t hang around here!!”

They slept in each other’s arms without dreams and again - somewhere in time

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