Melanie was transported to ‘Un jour à Versailles’

The day started like all the other days before; with only one exception.

It would be a day when she started another incredible journey.

The piece from the French Court had brought with it a hidden fantasy. It was unexplainable to her, but the way it had transported her to the past when she held it and gazed upon its incredible beauty, had been like an open portal to an unimaginable journey to the Palace of Versailles, France in July 1790.


Before sleeping that night, James told her of the incredible history of the last Queen of France, Marie Antoinette who along with her husband Louis XVI had been imprisoned in the Bastille in 1791 and had met their tragic end executed by guillotine in 1793.

Maybe it was just the story James had told her or maybe; just maybe she had been taken there.

As she sat on the balcony of their new apartment in Manhattan overlooking Central Park, she could not get the dream out of her head.

Had she really been there?

Could this have happened?

Was this real?

Or just a fantasy she wished to be real?

A day in Versailles!


She had —- spent —-‘Un jour à Versailles’

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