James will never believe this!

Melanie’s restlessness the night before and what had seemed so surreal as she reflected on her dream of her ‘Un jour à Versailles’, made her morning seem endless.

She wished she could have told James about it before he left for work that morning.

She called James at the office for a quick chat, but as had now become usual with their new-found success, Crystal said

“Hi Melanie. How are you!!?

James is busy in meetings right now, but I’ll have him call you back just as soon as he is free, maybe in 15 minutes or so”


The night of the Gala ball was truly the dream come true for them. It was wonderful that he had become so successful in such a short time and their lives had changed in so many incredible ways. She was so proud of him.

Queen Charlotte would be pleased as she was still leaving her legacy 200 years after she passed. Maybe she would be proud of James! Afterall, James was such a Regal name steeped in history.

Melanie found it hard to concentrate waiting for James to call back. Sitting in the comfortable chair looking over Central Park her eyes grew heavier and heavier.

She fell into a beautiful blissful sleep. A sleep that would take her from now, until then: to the Palace of Marie Antoinette.

Ching Dynasty Collection

We are the custodians of some of the most exquisite examples of hand carved artistry from 200 years ago, here as just a few for you to look at: