Ching Dynasty Pieces

Pieces available in the collection were commissioned to be carved by European Royalty, Dukes, Barons, Lords and nobility.

Pictures on this website can hardly do justice to their incredible beauty. This you will understand when you hold a piece and marvel at its amazing and intricate artistry, or its historical significance.

And; just like the exclusive pieces of exquisite jewellery from those houses mentioned above, when you own a piece from the Ching Dynasty Collection crafted by master jewellers, you will know that you are the only person in the world that will do so. Totally unique and unable to be replicated.

From the private collections of Royalty long since gone. What you now hold and admire, was once in the Palaces, Castles and private chambers hundreds of years ago and held in the hands of Kings and Queens.

Breathtaking and Priceless!