A breakfast fit for a King

“Morning Mel.” James said as he watched her waking and stretching nestled in the four-poster bed. “How did you sleep?”

“Wonderful, it was so quiet! I didn’t hear the sound of a police or emergency siren all night long!” she smiled.

“I got up just after dawn and watched a guy down in the street putting out the gas lights. A little different to what we’re used to in Manhattan. No sirens and no street lights!” said James smiling

“Get dressed and we’ll go down and see what they have for breakfast in London in 1819.”


Entering the lavish dining room, they were greeted by Mr Evans. “Good morning Mr. Osborne, I trust you and your good lady slept well?”

“Yes, thank you Mr. Evans; very well.”

“Allow me to escort you to your table.”

Other guests nodded politely as they walked by, to a table near the window overlooking the street.

“I’ll bring you your newspaper and a pot of Earl Grey.” said Mr. Evans in a polite tone.

The table, set with fine linen, silver and glassware was beautiful.

“This is the life!” smiled Melanie

Mr Evans returned with a silver tray, tea pot and the Times Newspaper.

“Will you and your good lady take the breakfast feast Mr. Osborne?”

“Yes, that would be perfect. Thank you, Mr. Evans.” replied James

“I didn’t know the Times was around in 1819!” said Melanie.

“Yes, it was first published as the Daily Universal Register in 1785 and changed its name to the Times in 1788.” grinned James smugly.

“You are a treasure trove of useful trivia!” Melanie giggled “So what’s in the breakfast feast you’ve just ordered; Mr. Clever?”

“I have no idea!” laughed James. “I guess we’re about to find out.”

Waiting for breakfast feast to arrive, James read the paper while Melanie gazed out the window soaking up the view of the cobbled street of Pall Mall with horse drawn carriages clopping along.

Hotel Entrance - carriage.jpg

“Oh, look Mel;” exclaimed James “The Auction is advertised on page 2. It looks like we’re in for a real noteworthy London event!” said James

Mr. Evans returned 15 minutes later with a tray festooned with their sumptuous breakfast plates and another pot of tea.

“I’ll never eat all this!” whispered Melanie when Mr. Evans was out of ear shot. “We’ll need to get a doggy bag!” she giggled.

Looking at the plate piled high with a breakfast fit for a King of fried eggs, sausages, back bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes, and two portions of fried bread, Melanie prodded the circular pieces of fried Black pudding. “What’s this?” she said.

“I’m not sure but it tastes good!” said James sampling the pudding. “We’ll have to Google it later!”

“Now, I know Google wasn’t around in 1819!” laughed Melanie. “I’m not sure we’ll need any lunch!” she said spreading butter on the hot toast.

Leaving the breakfast room Mr. Evans approached them

“I trust all was to your liking Mr. Osborne?” he enquired.

“Yes, thank you Mr Evans.”

“Your carriage to the auction will be here promptly at 12.45 Mr. Osborne. I will send up a pot of tea to your suite.”

“Thank you, Mr Evans, that will be appreciated. A very good morning to you.” replied James

Walking hand in hand, Melanie looked up a James “I think I’ll need to have a lie down after all that food!” grinned Melanie

“Yep, me too Mel. We’ll check out the sights after the Auction.”

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