Hello Lord Wemsys - May 7th 1819 - An Auction 'Somewhere in Time'

As Mr. Evans promised, the carriage was at kerbside at precisely 12.45.

“Enjoy the auction Mr. Osborne.”

“Thank you, Mr. Evans. Could you reserve a table for dinner this evening?” enquired James

“But of course Mr. Osborne.”

Opening the carriage door for Melanie the liveried coachman, resplendent in black top hat and tails, greeted them warmly.

“Allow me Madam” he said “Good day Sir. It is my understanding you are to attend Mr. Christie’s Auction at the Great Room Pall Mall St James’s”

Hotel Entrance - carriage.jpg

“Yes, thank you my good man.” replied James in the vernacular of the day.

Arriving at kerbside Melanie said gleefully “Hey James NO paparazzi!”

“A little different to the last event we were at Mel!”

James paid the coachman and included 15% gratuity.

She looked at him questioningly; with a grin. “Old habits are hard to break Mel.” he smiled

They were handed a program of the auction lots as they entered.

“I know we can’t bid for anything, as it would change the historical records of the sales, but this is going to kill me seeing these amazing pieces going for a song Mel.” grimaced James.

“Yeah, I know, but think of how we would get them home even if we bought some! It’s not like we have a baggage allowance on this trip James!” giggled Melanie.


As advertised the auction commenced promptly at 1pm

“Good Ladies and Gentlemen.

As will now be widely known, we are to offer today many possessions of HRH Queen Charlotte the Queen of Great Britain and Ireland who sadly passed from us on November 17th in the year of our Lord 1818. The auction of her possessions, proudly offered by the honourable Mr. Christie today and on subsequent days, has been at the instruction of his Royal, the Prince of Wales.

Shall we commence this Auction with an opening bid for Lot 1 of 2 shillings?”

Melanie and James sitting at the rear of the room watched in awe as the Queens treasured personal possessions went under the hammer. Lot after lot scooped up for a pittance of the price that any piece would fetch at auction in New York in 2019.

“This is killing me Mel” said James with $signs in his eyes. “I could clean up here!”

“Money, money, money!” grinned Melanie.

They impatiently waited for Lot 117. The lot Lord Wemsys would scoop up for the Queens treasured card box and hand carved mother of pearl gaming counters from 1780 for the bargain price of £20

“I now offer Lot 111

A cabinet composed of ebony, the drawer framed with gems of old Florentine mosaic, presenting fruits in relief, of jaspers, agates and other precious marbles, on a stand.”

“What am I bid? Sold to bidder Monsieur Glaver for £367 - 10s.”

Lot 112

A sofa or work table, richly ornate, the frame composed of brass, in very splendid taste; the top covered with blue velvet, with a well of silk at each end.

What am I bid? Sold to bidder Ms. Blagiver for £18 – 7s – 5p”

Lot 114

A Chinese pagoda, composed of mother of pearl, three feet square and the centre stories about three feet six inches high.

What am I bid? sold to Mr. Sloaky £10 – 10s”

Lot 117

“This is it!” exclaimed Melanie excitedly “See where Lord Wemsys is; I want to meet him!”

The Auctioneer continued;

“A card box of beautiful Japan lacquer, containing seven other smaller boxes of mother of pearl, enclosing hand carved mother of pearl gaming counters and carved fish.

What am I bid?

Sold to the Honourable Lord Wemsys for £20”

Melanie and James watched patiently for Lord Wemsys to pay for his purchase and before he could exit the Great Room, approached him.

“Excuse me your Lordship” said James offering an extended hand “Allow me to introduce myself; James Osborne and my wife the Lady Melanie.”

“Delighted I’m sure” he replied.

“We watched with interest your purchase of the Queens card box and gaming counters. Do they hold a value to you?”

“They do indeed Mr Osborne. A very fond memory of a card game with her Majesty, myself and my good lady a few years ago, one evening at Windsor. She relieved me with her luck that evening, of £175 and I wished to remember it always and finally relieve her, of her very lucky gaming cards and counters.

I think she will be well pleased that they will again hold her good fortune when we play.

Very nice to meet you Mr. Osborne,” he nodded politely to Melanie “Your Lady.” and smiled as he walked away.

“OMG James that was awesome!” squealed Melanie

“We just met a Lord from the House of Lords in 1819!”

They returned to the Royal Hotel for dinner and glorious music before returning home to their apartment overlooking Central Park Manhattan.

They had returned from another journey ‘Somewhere in time’

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