They woke in each other’s arms.

James looked at her. “Did you live that!?’

“Yes, my love. I knew you didn’t believe me. I guess you do now!” Melanie said smiling.

James had now met Marie Antoinette.

“I can’t comprehend what has just happened!” exclaimed James

“You were speaking French! I didn’t know you could speak French! And I understood everything you said! How is that possible? This was just a dream; right?”

“I thought it was, until Marie spoke to me.


Now I know we were there! I know it’s impossible; but what isn’t? Do we know? Do we know darling? Did we just travel to the court of Marie Antoinette in 1788? Did the piece you bought from the French Court take us there?”

He took her hand and said;

“Say something to me in French.”

Melanie nearly fell off the bed laughing.

“I can’t; I don’t know how to speak French!”

“Oh Mel! What is going on?”

“I don’t know, but I feel with all my heart. we will find out. Marie wants us to meet Louis. Are you up for it?”

“Meet with Louis XVI! This could be the best contact we have made so far!!” said James laughing.

“You are always thinking business contacts!” she giggled

“He may give my company a franchise on French Champaign! Now wouldn’t that be a coup for the 21st century?”

“Oh James, business, business, business!”

Both knew when they held each other that night as they slept, they would travel back in time.

Marie was waiting.

“Mélanie! Je t'ai attendu! Encore une fois, votre dernière visite à la cour a pris trop de temps! Louis attend de te rencontrer “

{“Melanie! I have been waiting for you! Again, it has been too long since your last visit to the court! Louis has been waiting to meet you”}

"Nous sommes désolés, Votre Majesté, il semblait qu'hier à notre arrivée."

{“We are sorry your Majesty it seemed only yesterday when we were here.”}

“Non, Mélanie, cela fait plusieurs mois, mais je suis ravi que vous soyez de nouveau venu dans notre cour. Louis est dans la chambre extérieure; Je vais l'envoyer chercher”

{“No Melanie it has been many months, but I am pleased you have come to visit our court again. Louis is in the outer chamber; I will send for him.”}

Melanie whispered to James.

“Don’t forget we can’t do, or say anything that will interfere with history. Be very careful!”

“Ok darling, don’t worry.” he smiled “I don’t speak French”

Louis appeared in the alcove.

Looking at the King and Marie who were executed by guillotine on October 16th 1793 was almost too much for James.

Louis seemed to glide towards them.

He was so regal, his presence filled the room with an aura of inexplicable romance and glory.

Louis with a beautiful smile, extended a hand to James.

“James et Mélanie, ma femme m'a beaucoup parlé de vous. Elle a beaucoup de respect pour vous. Elle m'a dit que vous faites un beau couple. Pourriez-vous être marié?”

{“James and Melanie, my wife has told me so much about you. She has high regards for you. She has told me you make a handsome couple. Might you be wed?”}

“Je passerais l'éternité avec elle, votre majesté!”

{“I would spend eternity with her your Majesty!”} pledged James – in French WT!

“Ensuite, si elle promet une loyauté égale James, le tribunal organisera ton mariage. Marie et moi serons témoins de vos voeux et notre fille bien-aimée Marie-Thérèse sera votre demoiselle d'honneur pour la mariée.”

{“Then if she pledges equal loyalty James, the court will host your wedding. Marie and I will be witness to your vows and our beloved daughter Marie-Thérèse will be your bridal flower girl.”}

James turned to Melanie, looked into her eyes and said.

"Veux-tu m'épouser?"

{“Will you marry me?”}

"Si c'est à partir de maintenant et pour toujours"

{“If it is from now until forever”}

They will be married in the French Court in 1789 two hundred and thirty years ago.

Was this a renewal of their vows just eight years ago, or was this a real dream of their past lives?

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