With each of the three shapes displayed here in the Royal Collection even with the highly magnified views available on the right, it is hard to comprehend how such artistry could have been achieved.

Equipped with only basic hand tools available in 1780 Canton China, how could it have been done? With the simple slip of the hand, the incredibly talented artisan would have needed to discard the piece and start again. Truly amazing artistry!

As you scroll over the image on the right of the square jewel, pay special attention to the outer edge with its precise and meticulous indentations on this most exquisite quality mother of pearl.

On the one side we have the simply unbelievable detail of the Crown of the Queen of Great Britain & Ireland with the full arms of Great Britain prior to 1810 impaling the arms of Mecklenberg-Strelitz.

Note the detail achieved on the lion’s mane and the chains flowing downwards from the Unicorn. Along with the detail on what is famously know as the Charlotte border pattern on the outer edge is breathtaking.

On the reverse side is the monogram CR {Charlotte Regina} and the crown of the Queen of Great Britain & Ireland is repeated.

As custodians of the Royal Collection pieces available for sale here, there is one additional emotion available to us; that being the feelings evoked by holding one of these incredible and historic works of art, knowing that Queen Charlotte also did the same over 230 years ago.

Simply priceless!

Counter 4.5 cm x 3.2 cm

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Ching Dynasty Collection

Queen Charlotte – Queen of Great Britain and Ireland {1761 to 1818}

Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz {Sophia Charlotte; 19 May 1744 – 17 November 1818} was by marriage to King George III the Queen of Great Britain and Ireland from her wedding in 1761 until the union of the two kingdoms in 1801 after which she was Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland until her death in 1818. She was also the Electress of Hanover in the Holy Roman Empire until the promotion of her husband to King of Hanover in 1814, after which she was also Queen Consort of Hanover.

Charlotte is the second longest-serving consort in British history {after the present Duke of Edinburgh}, having served as such from her marriage {on 8 September 1761} to her death {17 November 1818}, a total of 57 years and 70 days.

This mother of pearl gaming counter was produced for the Queen and was, according to her diaries at the time, put to extensive use by the Queen in her residence at Queen’s Lodge {Buckingham House} at Windsor.

As you marvel at its intricate detail produced in 1785, it is hard for us to believe that the tools of the masterful artisans of Canton were so primitive. The finished products rival the finest jewels of Faberge’ in their attention to detail and aesthetic appeal.

A truly remarkable, priceless and unique work of art.