The wedding June 7th 1789.

Waking early with the bright spring morning sun bathing them; he kissed her.

All seemed as it should be with the birds giving them their morning song of joy.

It was the morning of June 7th 1789.

Melanie and James tried to put future events out of their minds in order to celebrate a love with their marriage on this incredible day. that would be renewed with their marriage in New York 222 years from now.

Still they were both conflicted; knowing that in just 5 short weeks on July 14th the Bastille would fall and that only 4 months from now on October 6th, Marie & Louis would be placed under house arrest and taken from their beloved Palace here at Versailles to the Tuileries Palace in Paris.

Melanie had been careful not to reveal to Marie who she really was and to conceal from her and Louis that they had travelled from 2019 with the hidden mystery in the French Court piece.

They had successfully veiled their presence in 1789 being careful not to leave their footprint in the history books.


“Mel, what are we going to do when we have to sign the wedding registry?” James asked with a frown.

“I’ve been thinking about that” said Melanie. “Marie wants me to wear her pearl pendant because it will mean so much to her. I was thinking I’ll ask her if I can sign the register ‘Marie’ as a lasting tribute to our eternal friendship.”

“That’s a good idea!” agreed James.

“Tu as l'air radieuse Mélanie” smiled the Queen as Melanie entered the dressing chamber.

{“You look radiant Melanie”} smiled the Queen as Melanie entered the dressing chamber.

“Tout est prêt. Marie-Thérèse s'est déjà habillée et vous attend dans la chambre extérieure. Elle est tellement excitée.

Les invités sont également arrivés et prennent leur place dans la chapelle.

Permettez-moi de vous aider avec vos bijoux."

{“All is in readiness. Marie-Thérèse has already dressed and waits for you in the outer chamber. She is so very excited.

The guests have arrived also and are taking their places in the Chapel.

Allow me to help you with your jewels.”}

“Marie” smiled Melanie “Pour rendre hommage à notre éternel lien et notre amitié éternelles, puis-je signer le nom" Marie "sur le registre de mariage?"

{“Marie” smiled Melanie “As a tribute to our undying eternal bond and friendship, may I sign the name ‘Marie’ on the wedding register?”"}

“Oh Mélanie! ça me ferait beaucoup d'honneur, je suis sans mots pour exprimer mon bonheur! Oui oui oui!" exclaimed Marie jumping with joy.

{“Oh Melanie; that would honor me greatly, I am without words to express my happiness! Yes, Yes, Yes!” exclaimed Marie jumping with joy.}

“Que les célébrations commencent!"

{“Let the celebrations begin!”}

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