Her letter to Marie was penned in French.

Melanie sat with great sadness to write her letter to Marie.

Knowing she had to warn her as to what was to come even though she knew the outcome would not change. If Marie could make some plans to get her jewels out of France, Marie-Thérèse who was to be released from solitary confinement in 1795 would one day be able to retrieve them.


She penned her letter in French.

I will not see you again Marie. This gives me unbelievable sadness and my heart is forever broken.

As you read this letter my dearest friend you will understand. It will be as hard for you as it is for me.

Know that the love we have together will last an eternity. I will try to remember only the good times with you. My heart will always hold you close although it will never heal.

Do you remember when we first met? You asked me; “You seem not to be from Paris! Are you visiting from England?” and I answered, “I do not come from England, but from a very distant country.”

You did not press me, but greeted me as a friend.

I now need to open my heart to you.

James and I came to you not just from a distant country, but from a distant future. We came to you from the year 2019. James and I after marrying with you in Versailles again were married in the year 2011 in New York America far across the seas.

I know this is hard for you to comprehend but because I come from your future in time, I know what has happened in the past; and what will soon befall you and Louis, as even now; it has been written into history.

It is with overwhelming sadness that I tell you and warn you now of events that cannot be changed.

Very soon on July 14th the Bastille will fall and it will be the start of what has been written into history as the French Revolution. It will lead to the fall of Louis’s reign as the last King of France. Four months from now on October 6th 1789, you, Louis and your family will be placed under house arrest and taken to the Tuileries Palace in Paris.

These events cannot be changed, as hard as it is to contemplate.

Much suffering and hardship awaits you Marie. I cannot with my broken heart tell you more.

I urge you to make plans to send your most precious jewels in the care of your friend Florimond Claude, Comte de Mercy Argenteau to your cousin the Austrian Emperor. They will be safe in his care for Marie-Thérèse.

Know that the bond we have will never be broken as we vowed each other.

Your sister forever


God be with you.

The letter was stained by Melanie’s tears.

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