To visit Versailles once more

The Auction of Marie’s jewels and the pearl pendant Melanie wore at her wedding in 1789 was due to take place in Geneva on November 14th. Melanie had to see it one more time.

They caught the flight from JFK to once more visit with Marie and Louis at the Palace of Versailles but now in 2019 there were only empty halls and tourists. Gone were the days when Melanie & James could sit with their friends from long ago.

Gone too were the guests at the wedding ceremony and reception Marie & Louis had hosted for them when they first married all those years ago in 1789 in their dreams; or were those dreams real?

“I can’t remember Marie like this James! My heart is being torn apart; I’ll not survive. I need to remember the days we were happy together. Look all the clocks are stopped!

Take me back to those happy days!”

“Ok my love let’s go back to the hotel.” James hugged her.

She cried all the way back to hotel but James holding her as she slept, Marie comforted her through the years.

And Marie holding her hand, transported Melanie back to those ‘Once upon these happy days.’

With Marie’s words, Melanie knew their bond would never break.

Ching Dynasty Collection

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