Marie Antoinette’s letter to Melanie from March 30th 1791.

Monsieur Bourbon handed Melanie the letter.

Gasping for breath Melanie felt faint as she took hold of Marie’s letter.

“This has taken a very long time to be delivered Madam Osborne. Marie Antoinette will I’m sure be happy that you now have it.”

“I have no words. Marie will live forever with James and I. Thank you sir, thank you very much.” her hands were still shaking as she sat with James in the taxi to the hotel, all the time holding her pendant from the French Court.

“Break the seal Mel! What has she written?” James begged her.

“I think I’m going to need a drink James!”

“Yes, me too I’ll have room service send up a bottle. Beaujolais seems appropriate, is that ok?”

“Sounds perfect!”

Taking the letter carefully Melanie removed the seal.


“Is it in French?” asked James.

“Well what do you think;…Mr. Obvious?” giggled Melanie.

“Can you still remember how to read French? You only ever could when you and Marie were together.”

“Don’t worry, she is here. I can feel her sitting holding my hand right now!”

“It’s dated March 30th 1791 just weeks before she and Louis were arrested!”

The letter read……


Ma chère soeur Mélanie

Lorsque j'ai reçu votre lettre, mon cœur s'est brisé en mille morceaux sachant que nous ne serions plus jamais assis ensemble à jouer aux cartes au palais et à rire comme nous le faisions si souvent.

Quand, comme vous me l'avez dit, la Bastille tomberait le 14 juillet et le 6 octobre, Louis et moi serions placés en résidence surveillée; et c'est ce qui s'est passé. J'ai compris, comme vous l'avez écrit, que vous étiez vraiment de notre avenir.

J'ai suivi vos conseils et envoyé aujourd'hui mes bijoux en Autriche. Je ne connais pas ma soeur, ce qu’il va devenir de nous. Je sais; quand vous aurez cette lettre, nous ne serons plus tous de ce monde.

Je suis la proie de notre destin ne sera pas comme je le soupçonne.

Vous m'avez demandé une fois si vous pouviez écrire mon histoire.

Ferez-vous cela pour moi? J'aimerais que notre histoire soit racontée par vous qui nous avez vraiment connus tel que nous sommes.

Tu vivras avec moi pour toujours et je sais que notre lien ne se rompra jamais. L'amour est la seule chose qui dure pour toujours ma soeur. Je serai toujours à vos côtés. Toujours."

Mon coeur maintenant et toujours.


Je crains d'être la dernière reine de France.

30 mars 1791

{My dearest sister Melanie

When I received your letter, my heart was broken into a thousand pieces knowing we would never again sit together playing cards at the Palace and laughing as we so often did.

When as you told me, the Bastille would fall on July 14th and on October 6th Louis and I would be placed under house arrest; and that is what happened. I understood as you wrote, you were indeed from our future.

I have taken your guidance and today sent my jewels to Austria. I don’t know my sister, what is to become of us. I do know; when you get this letter, we will all indeed not any longer be of this world.

I prey our fate will not be as I suspect.

You asked me once if you could write my story.

Will you do this for me? I would like our story to be told by you who really knew us as we are.

You will live with me forever and I know our bond will never break. Love is the only thing that lasts forever my sister. I will always be at your side. Always.”

My heart now and always.

Marie Antoinette

I fear to be the Last Queen of France.

March 30th 1791}

Tears rolling down Melanie’s cheeks shaking uncontrollably she felt Marie’s hand on hers.

“I will my sister” she said “I WILL!”

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