Our love will go on.

Holding Marie’s hand, they cried together..


As the sun went down on Central Park, Melanie reflecting on the words of loveless years that as a fourteen-year-old girl Marie Antoinette had felt, she knew she could only imagine the heartbreak of loneliness she felt.

For Melanie knew that James was eternal and Marie she had now pledged. would never be forgotten.

As Marie’s hand slipped away back into history and the door to the past closed for another day, Melanie comforted her.

“Tu ne seras plus jamais seule ma sœur. Jusqu'à demain, dessèche les yeux qui ont pleuré un million de larmes.”

{“You will never be alone again my sister. Until tomorrow dry the eyes that have wept a million tears.”}

Ching Dynasty Collection

We are the custodians of some of the most exquisite examples of hand carved artistry from 200 years ago, here as just a few for you to look at: