Our bond will never break, even in a thousand years.

Holding Marie’s lock of hair Melanie looked into Marie’s eyes.


“Quand tu entends toute l'histoire de ma vie; une vie je n'avais pas d'autre choix que de vivre comme il était écrit ma sœur, tu comprendras.” whispered Marie.

{“When you hear the full story of my life; a life I had no choice but to live as it was written my sister, you will understand.”} whispered Marie.

“Dès le début, il a été ordonné que je meurs comme moi.

Je suis mort tous les jours en t'attendant. Nous sommes ensemble Mélanie; toujours ensemble avec un lien que le temps ne peut jamais briser.”

{“From the very start it was ordained that I should die as I did.

I have died everyday waiting for you. We are together Melanie; together always with a bond that time can never break.”}

Marie reached out and kissed Melanie gently on the cheek as she had done on her wedding day in 1789.

“Je suis mort tous les jours en t'attendant, Mélanie ne crains pas de t'aimer depuis mille ans, je t'aimerai pendant mille ans Je savais que je te retrouverais encore. Dors ma sœur jusqu'à demain.”

{“I have died everyday waiting for you, Melanie don’t be afraid I have loved you for a thousand years, I’ll love you for a thousand more. I knew I would find you again. Sleep my sister until tomorrow.”}

“Our bond will never be broken.” Marie smiled

To be continued in Melanie’s Biography with love for her sister by her side.

Transported into history

1 - It was a night to remember forever!

2 - Moving within elite circles.

3 - Melanie was transported to ‘Un jour à Versailles’

4 - James will never believe this!

5 - James called back, but Melanie was away in France!

6 - “Happy anniversary my love - See you tonight”

7 - They woke in each other’s arms

8 - “Would you marry me 230 years ago James?”

9 - The French Court setting designs.

10 - Immersed in history

11 - Planning a trip for one day in May

12 - Auction Day to come somewhere in time May 7th 1819

13 - A breakfast fit for a King

14 - Hello Lord Wemsys - May 7th 1819

15 - Now we can return to see Marie.

16 - James and Melanie will marry in Versailles tomorrow.

17 - The wedding June 7th 1789.

18 - The letter was stained by Melanie’s tears.

19 - To visit Versailles once more

20- The flight to Geneva with Merie by her side

21 - The saving of Marie’s Jewels

22 - I fear to be the Last Queen of France. Write our story!

23 - Holding you forever my sister. Time still exists!

24 - A lock of hair

25 - Slavery – the absence of Choice to Choose.

26 - James will you still love me in another 200 years?

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