Scottish Royal Family. – steeped in history.


Journey with us back to the 18th century to visit with the oldest and sole remaining branch of the Scottish Royal Family. – steeped in history.

History of Robertson of Struan

Clan Robertson of Struan {of the Clan Donnachie} are the sole remaining branch of the oldest Scottish Royal Family {Royal House of Atholl} occupying the Scottish throne during the 11th and 12th centuries. In 1451 Robert Robertson, a noted chieftain of the Clan Donnachie, arrested Sir Robert Graham and the King’s uncle Walter Stewart, the Earl of Atholl, who were concerned in the murder of King James I of Scotland. The crest was granted to Duncan Robertson, son of Robert, Chief of the Clan Robertson, by King James II of Scotland.

Alexander Robertson, of Struan, alike distinguished as a poet and as the partisan of the Stuarts in the Jacobite Rebellions of 1690, 1715, and 1745. Gu, three wolves’ heads erased depicted on the crest of arms with the dexter hand {right hand} holding an imperial crown aloft. The wild man in chains lying under the escutcheon of the arms was adopted in commemoration of the capture of the assassins of King James I.

The motto Virtutis Gloria Merces {Latin} ‘Glory is the reward of valor’


Captain Robert Robertson who most likely commissioned this set of exquisite armorial gaming counters to be made; {the monogram RR under the coat of arms} was Captain of the ship the Cornwallis {built in 1787}. He Captained the Cornwallis, for the British East India Trading Company between 1797 and 1803.

The HMS Cornwallis is the noted vessel on which the Treaty of Nanking between the Qing and British Empires was negotiated and signed in 1842 which ceded Hong Kong Island to the British Empire.

Sailing 3.jpg

It is difficult for us to perceive how such intricate detail could have been created and carved by hand with such precision and with only basic tools available to the talented artists from so long ago. Their skill exceeds those anywhere in the world during that era by hand over 200 years ago Indeed, worthy to be compared with the finest great artists who have ever lived. Simply exquisite.


Ching Dynasty Collection

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