Our master jewelers have designed and set this unique and incredibly detailed piece in 18k solid gold to echo the intricate filigree border fretting of the mother of pearl and mounted the jewel to allow it to be worn on either side. This captivating detail will draw envious eyes whenever worn.

This incredible piece made circa 1810 for the Robertsons the sole remaining branch of the old Scottish Royal family is steeped in history. The extremely delicate filigree outer border is breathtaking in its perfection.  

The family coat of arms bestowed by King James II of Scotland sings the history of the Robertsons being the three wolves’ heads erased; crest: a hand holding an Imperial crown; motto: Virtutis Gloria Merces {Glory is the reward of virtue}; and beneath the arms, a man in chains to commemorate their role in the capture of the murders of King James I; and finally, the monogram RR.

The piece truly gives us an incredible journey back in time.

The scene on the other side of this jewel shows three figures from a time long ago.

From an era of perfection by the artistry and craftsmanship that would be unable to replicate, this mother of pearl hand carved jewel of singular beauty like no other, will rightfully become an unrivaled investment and family heirloom to delight for life.

Simply exquisite.

Size 4.8 cm x 3.4 cm

Each unique piece from the Ching Dynasty Collection is supplied with certificates of authenticity and value along with documentation detailing the historical significance of the piece.

Note: Chains are for display purposes only – not included.

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Robertson of Strowan

The Robertsons of Strowan are the sole remaining branch of the old Scottish Royal Family of the eleventh and twelfth centuries. In 1451 Robert, a noted chieftain of the Clan Donnachie, arrested Graham and the Master of Athol, who were concerned in the murder of King James I of Scotland. The crest was granted to Duncan Robertson, son of Robert, Chief of the Clan Robertson, by King James II of Scotland.

Alexander Robertson, of Strowan, alike distinguished as a poet and as the partisan of the Stuarts in the Jacobite Rebellions of 1690, 1715, and 1745. Gu, three wolves’ heads erased depicted on the crest of arms with the dexter hand {right hand} holding an imperial crown aloft. The wild man in chains lying under the escutcheon of the arms was adopted in commemoration of the capture.

The motto Virtutis Gloria Merces {Latin} ‘Glory is the reward of valor’

Captain Robert Robertson who most likely commissioned this set of exquisite armorial gaming counters to be made; {the monogram RR under the coat of arms} was Captain of the ship the Cornwallis {Built in 1787}. He Captained the Cornwallis, for the British East India Trading Company. between 1797 and 1803.