Standing by others to #PayLoveForward - Welcome!

We have come across a sea of love, who want to make a difference to others and reach out across the world. In today’s world of turmoil and trouble, this is exhilarating and needs to be shared.

#PayLoveForward because it will lift your heart.


These are people and organisations, who are joining us on the journey in this troubled world to. #PayLoveForward

Their support provides hope for the millions who have none.

Everyday we have the opportunity to meet people from around the world on Twitter who have chosen to join us on a voyage of discovery into our history.

It is said that every journey starts with a single step.

Now with these people listed below today, we can add to the growing list of amazing people from around the world who are going on the journey in the right direction and who have chosen to #PayLoveForward and maybe as you have; to contribute every day with a random act of kindness to others.

In a world of turmoil, we all need friends to uplift us and support us.

Follow these people who are joining you and us on our journey and we will all get there together.

Theses are today’s noteworthy people who have chosen to join the growing list of the Ching Dynasty Collection who ‘Stand by Others’.

Welcome to


























Pay your love forward to those you love everyday; and show that special person your love; with a unique gift from the Ching Dynasty Collection below.

Ching Dynasty Collection

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