CDC 118 Clan Murray

CDC 118 Clan Murray


Our master jewelers have designed and set this unique investment in 18k solid gold and have fashioned a truly exquisite setting to mirror the engraving of the original hand carved border from 200 years ago and can be worn to display either side. This unique and exquisite pendant will draw envious eyes whenever worn.

From an era of perfection by the artistry and craftsmanship that would be unable to replicate, this mother of pearl hand carved jewel of singular beauty like no other, will rightfully become an unrivaled investment and family heirloom to delight for life.

This incredible piece of history, details the Clan Murray for whom this was commissioned circa 1810 – 1830. Words are insufficient to describe the detail achieved by its artist. It draws the eyes to the Clan Murray family crest which is that of a demi-man wreathed about the head and loins holding in his dexter hand {the right hand} a dagger and in his sinister a key; and displays the Clan Murray motto: Furth Fortune {go} forth {good} fortune {attend you}.

The other side which is equally intricate in its craftsmanship depicts a deeply carved scene of three people in a garden setting.

Commissioned to be made circa 1810 in Canton during the last dynasty of Imperial China for Murray of Edinburgh Scotland. {ancestor of Duke of Athol}

Simply timeless and exquisite.

Size 4.8 cm x 3.4 cm

Each unique piece from the Ching Dynasty Collection is supplied with certificates of authenticity and value along with documentation detailing the historical significance of the piece.

Note: Chains are for display purposes only – not included.

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Clan Murray of Edinburgh.

During the reign of one of the early Scottish kings, a robber was in the habit of plundering the country side. One of the Murrays’; ancestor of the first Duke of Athol, undertook to put a stop to the annoyance and as he was setting out, the King is reported to have said to him; “Furth Furtune” {Go} forth {good} fortune {attend you}, and {may you} fill the fetters {with your captive}”.

The crest of arms of the Clan Murray became a demi-man; wreathed about the head and loins holding in his dexter hand {right hand} a dagger; hilt and pommel and in his sinister hand {left hand} a key.

Duke of Athol title in the Peerage of Scotland was held by the head of the Clan Murray created by Queen Anne in 1703 with the Clan seat being Blair Castle. John Murray was the 4th Duke of Athol 1755 to 1830.