Happy New Year #PayLoveForward without any fear

John Lennon – I hope it’s a good one; without any fear.

#PayLoveForward because in 2019 it will lift your heart.


2018 has pasted into history and everything we dreamed of and have done is now as is the year behind us.

We look towards the future of 2019 with not a glance back at what we could have done; but with a renewed vigour of what we can do, and a vision of where we can do better.

2019 welcomes in the Chinese ‘Year of the Pig’ a year of friendship and love for all zodiac signs; an auspicious year because it attracts success in all spheres of life.

With all the troubles in the World these days, every day, we need to begin by knowing just how wonderful this world we have is.

How fortunate we are to be here.

JFK – Don’t ask what it can do for you – but what you can do for it.

John Lennon – I hope it’s a good one; without any fear.


Happy New Year Everyone – Let’s make it a good one!

To all the friends who did #PayLoveForward in 2018 we wish a very special wish for a thousand days of great happiness in 2019.


Our wishes go out to:-
















































Ching Dynasty Collection

We are the custodians of some of the most exquisite examples of hand carved artistry from 200 years ago, here as just a few for you to look at: