Help Tillie’s Treasures – It will lift your heart.

We all have the daily trials and tribulations that are things we are not in control of. Sometimes even when we think we are getting there; circumstances beyond our control take over and once more we feel helpless to do anything about them.

We have all been there!

#PayLoveForward because it will lift your heart.

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Imagine what the world could be like with one simple act of random kindness #PayLoveForward

This is something you can do!

Sitting here in the relative safety of our mortgage free home in Perth Western Australia and now in my retirement years, I am once more as a business man starting out on a new {but long planned} business to sell what can only be described as exquisite unique items, hand carved in Canton China over 200 years ago. I have outlaid considerable expense to have them set by master jewellers with settings of solid gold and diamonds.

In 2019 I hope the sale of these one-off pieces will provide me with the much-needed additional income to add just a little to my pension.

I am one of the luckiest people on the planet. No one can dictate or threaten my future security. No bank can ever knock on my door and ask me to leave my home. Indeed, although I have worked hard all my life for what my family has, no one can threaten my family or our future.

It is New Year Eve 2018 here at my home, and one of my followers – and indeed supporters on Twitter has asked for help. See her post below.

In 2019 I have pledged to #PayLoveForward and with your help, we will tear a hole in the blanket of hurt and hate, that is the current world we live in, and pour love into the world through it.

I can’t afford to offer all the help my new-found friend needs, so I was only able to donate a small amount. I will ask you to do the same. Every dollar will help.

Thank you – read her plea.

@tbock62 – Tillie’s Treasures

Hi, all!

I really did not want to do this, but due to some recent life events and unfortunate circumstances I have been left no choice.

My family consists of myself, my two parents, and our dog. Over the years, post-Navy, my dad suffered multiple layoffs and is now struggling with an eye disease that is quickly making him go blind. Due to this, he works an hourly job at Target and works his butt off doing so. I’ve honestly never seen a harder worker than him, but unfortunately, he cannot use computers, drive in the dark, or see shadows due to his eye disease. He is our source of health insurance, and for whatever reason disability doesn’t work in this case. Next, my mother got also let go of her job she had for decades after graduating high school about two years ago and recently got hired through Sunset Foods. She has diabetes and suffered a ruptured appendix, and has racked up some medical bills after surgeries and therapy to get her to be able to work again. She is the sweetest person I know and tries to take care of everyone else before herself. Finally, I am in graduate school studying for my masters in forensic psychology, thanks to financial aid, and I also work as many hours as possible that still allows me to go to school. I want to change the world, and I’m hoping this degree puts me on the path to do so.

With all of that said, while my parents work as hard as they can. With my dad’s blindness and my mother’s other medical issues, my parents can no longer make enough to pay the medical bills AND house expenses.

I am begging you if you can spare a dollar to please help my family keep our house, I would be externally grateful. Like I said, we aren’t the type of people to ask for help, but I really want to stay in our home.

Send an @ to @ tbock62 for the donation address #PayLoveForward with a dollar or two – it will lift your heart.

Contact direct to her shop at

Thank You. Blessings to you for 2019.


Pay your love forward to those you love everyday; and show that special person your love; with a unique gift from the Ching Dynasty Collection below.

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