Scottish Nobility Clan Murray - Duke of Atholl


Journey with us back to the 18th century to visit with the Clan Murray at their estate Blair Castle Scotland.

Clan Murray of Edinburgh.

During the reign of one of the early Scottish kings, a robber was in the habit of plundering the country side. One of the Murrays’; ancestor of the first Duke of Atholl, undertook to put a stop to the annoyance and as he was setting out, the King is reported to have said to him; “Furth Furtune” {Go} forth {good} fortune {attend you}, and {may you} fill the fetters {with your captive}”.


The crest of arms of the Clan Murray became a demi-man; wreathed about the head and loins holding in his dexter hand {right hand} a dagger; hilt and pommel and in his sinister hand {left hand} a key.

Duke of Atholl title in the Peerage of Scotland was held by the head of the Clan Murray created by Queen Anne in 1703 with the Clan seat being Blair Castle.

John Murray who commissioned the exquisite pieces to be hand carved in Canton China circa 1810 was the 4th Duke of Atholl 1755 to 1830.


It is difficult for us to perceive how such intricate detail could have been created and carved by hand with such precision and with only basic tools available to the talented artists from so long ago. Their skill exceeds those anywhere in the world during that era by hand over 200 years ago Indeed, worthy to be compared with the finest great artists who have ever lived. Simply exquisite.


Ching Dynasty Collection

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