The life and times of the Duke of Santa Fe - Miguel Jose de Azanza


Miguel José de Azanza, portrayed as viceroy accompanied by Athena, goddess of wisdom, Justice and Fame.

Journey with us back to the 18th century to celebrate the distinguished life and career of Miguel José de Azanza 1746 – 1826

Born in Navarre Spain in 1746, Miguel Jose de Azanza was a Spanish politician and diplomat.

In 1771 he became a cadet in the Lombardy infantry regiment in Spain and in 1781 took part in the siege of Gibraltar. Shortly after Azanza would leave the military to take up a distinguished diplomatic career. Between 1784 and 1786 he was secretary of the Spanish embassy in Saint Petersburg and Charge d’Affaires in Berlin.

In 1793 he was Spanish Minister of War under Prime Minister Manual de Godoy.

On October 19, 1796 Azanza was named Viceroy of New Spain {Mexico} where he served until 1800.

Returning to Spain he was Minister of the Treasury for King Ferdinand VII and member of the supreme junta that governed in the King’s absence.

After the appointment of Napoleon’s brother as the King of Spain {Jose I Bonaparte – known as Pepe Botella} following the war of Independence, Azanza was responsible for the portfolio of Foreign Affairs and in 1811 was appointed Ambassador in Paris he was awarded the title of Duke of Santa Fe by the King.

He was provided with the honorary distinction of Knight Grand Cross of the Royal Order of Spain.

A truly historic figure in both Spanish and French history.


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