A Sea of love who #PayLoveForward and stand by others

We have come across a sea of love, who want to make a difference to others and reach out across the world. In today’s world of turmoil and trouble, this is exhilarating and needs to be shared.

#PayLoveForward because it will lift your heart.


.We acknowledge them as those who Stand by Others- and #PayLoveForward

We acknowledge those who stand by others and always #PayLoveForward

These are today’s people honored

Thank you for your commitment to others.

@NelidaB96759176  who is always at the top of the list who #PayLoveForward

































Ching Dynasty Collection

We are the custodians of some of the most exquisite examples of hand carved artistry from 200 years ago, here as just a few for you to look at: