This is how you #PayLoveForward

With all the troubles in the world these days it’s easy to become overwhelmed and even just downright depressed.

We are bombarded with bad news day after day and day in and day out. This political scandal, that disaster, this crisis etc. And then of course we have all our personal day to day issues at home or at work to deal with, sometimes seeming to overwhelm us.

It’s sometimes easy to become entangled in the negative even though most often these issues are only fleeting. I have always believed and told my kids, that no matter how bad things look today, tomorrow is another day; everything changes. Sure, it may be a problem that takes a bit of time to sort itself out; but everything changes.

People have choices. We can dwell on the negative and let those feelings consume us, or we can be consumed by a constant optimism of change for the better.

Each and everyday doing something that makes your spirit sing. That smell of a rose in bloom. That gaze into the night sky to wounder about our place in the world. That touch of a hand. That word of love to your special someone. That laugh that was just waiting to be heard. That smile that you gave without asking anything in return; but got one back anyway!

At our local shopping center one day, there was a young girl {about 11} with her grandmother sitting outside the supermarket playing guitar and singing. She had made up a collage of pictures of her and her horse- Jessie. It turned out she needed to raise $200 to buy the horse from the person who owned it, or in three weeks the horse was going to be put down. Her grandmother told us that she was going to be at the shopping center until she had managed to get the money. In front of her on a rug were coins and a few dollar bills. My wife got out her purse and put a $5 note on the rug. The little girls face lit up with a smile as she kept singing. Speaking with her grandmother it was obvious to me that this little 11-year-old girl had a problem that she needed to fix for the love of her horse.

When she finished the song, I took my wallet out of the back pocket of my jeans and got out two $50 notes. I put them on the rug. The little girl started to cry with happiness.

I felt fantastic for days!

You don’t need to #PayLoveForward with money. It is as easy as the smile, the laugh with your family, or the kind word to a stranger. #PayLoveForward every day and I guarantee that you will feel fantastic every day too!

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