‘Our decision conundrum’

When we started the process of deciding who should be the recipient charity of the Crown Jewels Charity Auction project, we had no idea of the difficulty of the task. Hundreds of Charities doing incredible work to support the community were reduced to a final three.

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Considering how Queen Charlotte, a mother of 15 children herself would feel about her legacy extending to into the 21st century played a critical role in the early and then final decision-making process. It had to be for the benefit of children in need of support.

After much deliberation the final outcome to be satisfied was a quantifiable outcome to the project. “How are we able to see what specifically has been achieved?”

Our decision became clear and final with the realization that she will smile, knowing that some of her cherished personal possessions will go to putting a smile on the faces of children with a life-threatening illness. So, this historic fundraising event the ‘Crown Jewels Charity Auction’ project, will go to the incredible work that is being done by Make-A-Wish Australia for 6 children and families each week having to go through these challenges.

200 years on Queen Charlotte will I’m sure, be smiling too.


Ching Dynasty Collection

We are the custodians of some of the Queens possession available for you to look at here: