There is an urgent need to seek immediate medical attention to prevent loss of life.

Unless action is taken to reduce the core body temperature of the patient to the normal 98.6º F the current fever at a temperature of 100.1º F (1.5º F above) will continue to rise to where the patient reaches 104º F (5.4º F above normal) resulting in the condition more commonly know as sunstroke or heat stroke.

This is a medical emergency condition requiring hospitalisation and local emergency services should be notified as soon as possible.

In humans, brain death begins at 106º F (or 7.4º F above normal) and at 113º F (or14.4º F above) death is nearly certain. Internal body temperatures in humans above 122º F (or 23.4º F above) will cause rigidity in the patients’ muscles and certain, immediate death.

Everywhere in the world this fever is evident with an increase in temperature of 1.5º F above those of a healthy earth patient and in some regions (in Northern latitudes) the fever is approaching the heat stock level moving at three times the global average.

An observed rise in some northern latitudes has been documented of between 3º and 4º above what is considered normal in the mid latitudes.

These northern localities need emergency attention to return them to the safe level as they are already experiencing heat stroke symptoms.

For the human species unless this action is taken without delay and temperatures are immediately reduced the symptoms of heat stroke are that they may become confused, then hostile before becoming unconscious and falling into a coma, with death almost certain to be the outcome.

The patient is the ‘Earth’.

This is an immediate global emergency to reduce the loss of life across the world, with all at immediate risk, this special patient’s confidentially and documented records have been waived with its full consent.

Earth’s recorded Medical history:

Patient Earth’s temperature is believed to have been relatively stable for over 1,000 to 2,000 years before the year 1850 at or around 13.67 º F.

However, during the 20th century, there was a documented rise of 1.33º F ± 0.32º F resulting in the current, widely observed, fever condition.

It is projected by those following patient Earth’s condition that a further 2º F to 11.5º F will be experienced over the coming years until 2100, with further rising temperatures after that time, due to the large heat storing capacity of the oceans and the long lifetime of the root cause of the heating symptoms in the atmosphere; carbon dioxide.

The large uncertainty in the expected temperature rise in patient Earth’s condition (between 2º F to 11.5º) is the use of different diagnostic models with differing sensitivity to greenhouse gas concentration and the use of differing estimates of future detrimental CO2 and CO2-e gas emissions on its health.

Other uncertainties surrounding patient Earth’s future life include how temperature rises and related changes will vary from region to region around the globe.


Current global considerations and discussions are that patient Earth’s temperature should be restricted to go no higher than a further 3.6º F which would take it to 4.83º F above the normal and documented ‘safe’ level.

This would clearly place all those in the mid latitudes currently experiencing fever conditions of 1.33º F above the safe level of recent history into the same category of the northern latitudes, which are now approaching heat stroke levels. It is clear that this treatment regime of patient Earth would cause its death.

In so doing, patient Earth’s death would inevitably lead to the extinction of the human race.

It is at this time unclear as to how patient Earth will respond to the pollution of its environment over the safe and stable level experienced when it was at 350ppm of contamination in the atmosphere and at a stable temperature for human habitation of 13.67º F.

At this time patient Earth’s contamination level has reached 390ppm and a fever state of 1.33º F in global average terms with contamination and temperatures rising daily.

Immediate treatment required:

Prudent treatment suggests that global action should be clearly focused on returning patient Earth to health and safety rather than allowing the current world fever to continue towards heat stoke and certain death.

It is the responsibility of all those concerned for patient Earth’s wellbeing and reliant on its heath that it be treated immediately and returned to full health.

Global citizen disclaimer:

For those in global discussions that are advocating that the patient be placed under observation and that the cause of its ill heath (greenhouse emissions) is allowed to continue upwards to 4.83º F resulting into heat stroke leading to death, it is asserted by broad consensus that this approach is foolhardy in the extreme, with the only outcome being the patient’s ultimate demise.

As all citizens are a global collective dependent of the heath of the patient ‘Earth’ we demand appropriate treatment be taken to return patient Earth to full heath.

We also demand that those responsible for the cause of the current fever (the polluters of its atmosphere) being required to pay the full costs of the period of immediate hospitalization and treatment.

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