Sir John Doveton 1768 – 1847 a distinguished life.


Sir John Doveton


First Madras Light Cavalry

Journey with us back to the 18th century to celebrate the distinguished life and career of Sir John Doveton 1768 – 1847.

Sir John Doveton entered the Madras light cavalry as a cornet on December 5th 1785 serving in all three campaigns of Lord Cornwallis against Tippoo Sultan. As a lieutenant he also served in the campaign of Lieutenant-General George Harris during the fourth Anglo-Mysore War of 1799. He was promoted to Captain in 1800 and again in 1813 promoted to Colonel and his noted service during the third Anglo-Maratha War of 1817-18 resulted in him being awarded CB on October 14 1818 and KCB on November 26 1819.

In April 1819 Doveton commanded the forces which besieged and captured Asirgarh.

He was made a GCB and promoted to Lieutenant-General.

The hand carved exquisite pieces in the Ching Dynasty Collection were commissioned by Sir John Doveton to be made; through his contacts in the British East India Trading Company in Madras India. They were hand carved into the mother of pearl in Canton China circa 1820.


Each unique piece featured on the website displays a detailed scene of an era long ago in the ‘Middle Kingdom’ of China during the last dynasty of Imperial China {Qing/Ching Dynasty} during the reign of Jiaqing Emperor.


The Sir John Doveton Crest/Coat of arms, is a dove supporting a staff with a penant; arms: azure on a chevron between two doves and an anchor, three roses {with impaled arms} and the motto Patience and Perseverance.

It is difficult for us to perceive how such intricate detail could have been created and carved by hand with such precision and with only basic tools available to the talented artists from so long ago. Their skill exceeds those anywhere in the world during that era over 200 years ago. Indeed, worthy to be compared with the finest great artists who have ever lived. Simply exquisite.

Sir John Doveton died on November 7th 1847 aged 79 at his home in Madras India. A truly historic and distinguished figure.



Ching Dynasty Collection

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