July 5th is World Interdependence Day - The Voices for Change

Declaration of Interdependence - Become a Voice for Change.

In 2009 I established an environment foundation in an attempt to add a voice for change in the way we conducted our lives under what has been termed ‘the living as usual model’. Quite simply, consuming more than the planet; the only one we have, can continue to sustain us without a change in our collective habits.


As part of this message at that time, the foundation – Greenhouse Neutral Foundation as many have, and as many are still doing, actively lobbied with all the tools available to us, to the awaken the broader global community and Governments from a sleepwalk to oblivion.

You and I are not independent or isolated from each other from climate change as we are now seeing almost every day.

In 2009 we declared that July 5th should be celebrated as Interdependence Day; and at that time, thousands around the world joined us in a signing of the Declaration of Interdependence.

Things have not changed, but now ten years on the message remains the same.

What I do affects you, and what you do affects me. We are all interdependent on making a safe world for our children and theirs.

Consider how our children will judge us by our actions today.

Become a Voice for Change.

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