Each week the Ching Dynasty Collection will travel from its 300-year-old historical past of the last Dynasty of Imperial China into the future of today.

To feature Art in the 21st Century

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Wayne Gabaylo is the World’s Only Juggling and Dancing Spray Paint Artist. He has been performing his show 5 nights a week at “Kings Village” in Waikiki Beach, on the Island of Oahu since 2001.

In 2006 we were privileged as a family to see Wayne create his Art In Motion and listen to his inspirational story of how he was empowering young people to engage with society in Hawaii

Join us now in saying Mahalo.

We present Wayne Gabaylo

Click on the image to view more of Wayne’s unique works of Art

Watch the amazing video and be inspired as Wayne creates ART IN MOTION LIVE

You will not find Wayne on Twitter but you can find him and meet him on Facebook

Art from the 18th Century salutes Art from the 21st Century.

Ching Dynasty Collection

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