Set by master jewelers in 18k solid gold, this unique pendant is breathtaking with its intricate detail and places the wearer alone where no other jewels could match. It will draw envious eyes whenever worn. The versatility of the handmade gold setting design, allows the centerpiece of historic significance to be worn and displayed both sides.

The central jewel, hand carved in exquisite mother of pearl depicts on one display side, a uniquely carved and extremely detailed family scene of four people from a time long ago in a garden and pergola setting. The outer floral border which is also intricately carved, is simply exquisite. Description of the detail achieved by its artist is almost impossible.

The other side is equally breathtaking in its attention to detail of the outer rings surrounding the back hatching around the monogram – initials of the nobleman MAP who must have commission this piece to be made circa 1810 in Canton during the last Dynasty of Imperial China.

Drawn into an era of perfection by the artistry of 200-year-old craftsmanship that would be unable to replicate, this jewel of singular beauty will undoubtedly become an unrivaled investment and heirloom to delight for life.

Truly beautiful.

Size 4.5 cm

Each unique piece from the Ching Dynasty Collection is supplied with certificates of authenticity and value along with documentation detailing the historical significance of the piece.

Note: Chains are for display purposes only – not included.

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