Why is jewelry so important to us?

It is forever! It is given or accepted with love and will always hold special emotions. #PayLoveForward

Given with love and received for an engagement, a wedding, an anniversary, a birthday or just to say “I love you”. It will most likely be handed down from generation to generation.

When we think of all the things, we spend our hard-earned money on from every day essentials of food or utilities everyday costs all are which are gone once expended. Even the larger items of expenditure such as vehicles household furniture clothing almost everything is only fleeting in their time with us.

But Jewelry is forever. It will be passed down from generation to generation to others you love and remembered as; that was bought by my grandfather for my grandmother, or by my father for my mother, or I bought this for my wife – my lover. Do you remember the feeling of emotion when you handed the person you love that engagement ring, or stood before the Priest taking vows and exchanging rings?

The simple fact is that a piece of jewelry is a constant in the world of disposable life consumables.

To give or to own a piece of jewelry is a very special thing. Only you can ever give it to the person you love. Only that very special person will ever wear it.

To give or own a piece from the Ching Dynasty Collection elevates this feeling to a very different level. Not only the only person to own this incredible work of art, you are now the only person that ever will. As unique as the love to who it was given. The value of this experience will translate into priceless memories of the first time you received it and into the lasting understanding of love far more than words can ever express.

Jewelry will always be how you #PayLoveForward

Ching Dynasty