Truly Authentic & Unique

When I set about looking for designers and master jewellers to work with me on the Ching Dynasty Collection, I was immediately struck by some unknowns - where my lack of knowledge created some concern.

Was the gold that was to be used to set the pieces real? Was it 18 caret gold?

Were the diamonds for the pieces selected of high grade befitting such beautiful antique art works? Were the other stones suggested and used in the pieces real or just good fakes?

It struck me that even though a great deal of research and questioning was needed to answer theses very important questions, one thing needed no further clarification.

The pieces in the Ching Dynasty Collection were from mother of pearl harvested from the Pearl River bed in the Canton delta over 200 years ago. The pieces were delicately and lovingly hand carved by artists with each piece starting its life in the minds and heart of those incredible people in the shacks of Canton. One thing that needed no research to fill my knowledge with confidence was that these were unique, genuine, incredible one of a kind, works of art.

Ching Dynasty