The Quest Quiz

Take the daily Quest Challenge

Take the daily Quest Challenge

Take the daily challenge from now until Christmas to answer the Ching Dynasty Quest questions to win a unique pendant from the Ching Dynasty Collection.

All the answers are right here and as you travel back in time 200 years on your quest for the answer, you’ll be drawn into the amazing history that is the Ching Dynasty Collection.

Once you have achieved your quest answer go to the Contact Page – put in the answer and submit. Make sure to name the day of the quest question – Day 1 – Day 2 – Day 3 etc.

The more days you take the challenge, the greater the chances of you winning will become.

And Double your daily chance by getting others involved. When they enter the quest and, on their entry, put #PayItForward and your name we’ll double your score!

Come back everyday for the quest of the day.

So, let’s get started on the quest.

Here is the quest question for Day 1 - November 20th

With whom did Lt General Sir John Doveton serve under in India in the early days of his military career {1785} in the Madras Light Cavalry?

Day 2 - November 21st

On what date did Christies London put Queen Charlotte’s personal possessions up for Auction? And what was the lot number of her exquisite mother of pearl gaming counters from 1780?

Day 3 - November 22nd

How in 1451 did the Robertsons of Strowan Scotland distinguish themselves with the Scottish Royal Family?

Day 4 – November 23rd

What was the year when the first Faberge Egg was commissioned for the Tsar of Russia?

Day 5 – November 26th

What does the wording on the coat of arms of Clan Murray of Scotland mean?

Day 6 – November 27th

Who was the Emperor of China that took the unprecedented step of opening up the port of Canton and in what year did this happen?

Day 7 – November 28th

What was Robert Robertsons role for the British East India Trading company from 1797 to 1803?

Ching Dynasty Collection

We are the custodians of some of the most exquisite examples of hand carved artistry from 200 years ago, here as just a few for you to look at: