Legacy of a Queen - Queen Charlotte Queen of Great Britain & Ireland

Portrait by  Nathaniel Dance-Holland , ca. 1768

Portrait by Nathaniel Dance-Holland, ca. 1768

On November 17th 1818, {200 years ago} Queen Charlotte died aged 74. Her eldest son, Prince Regent the Prince of Wales was by her side. {King George IV}

Her legacy is well documented {refer Wikipedia} and among the many contributions to history was the provision of funding to the General Lying-in Hospital in London England which prevented its closure; today it is named Queen Charlotte’s and Chelsea Hospital, and is an acknowledged center of excellence among maternity hospitals.

Fast forward 200 years and she is again making a significant mark on the lives of children. The Crown Jewels Charity Auction proudly supporting Make-A-Wish Australia will make it possible for the smiles, wishes and dreams to come true for children diagnosed with a life-threatening illness.

It will be her legacy into the 21st Century.

We think she will be smiling too.

The Legacy of a Queen

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